Boogie-Busting Cold & Flu Tips and Tricks

First it’s sniffle, cough, aaaa-chooo!!! Next your little one becomes cranky, clingy, and sleepy. No newsflash needed – all signs are pointing towards cold and flu.  Ugh!  We may not be able to make it go away, but your Mom and Dad superpowers can help ease their symptoms.  Here is a quick guide from Team Boogie on our favorite tips and tricks for sick kids.

Tips and Tricks for Sick Kids

Managing a Fever

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  It is recommended that children intake more fluids than they are losing.  A good rule of thumb to know they are staying hydrated is having at least one wet diaper or potty break, preferably more, within 6-8 hours. You also want to make sure the urine is clear.

Don’t offer something new. For example, babies should stick to breast milk or formula for those younger than 6 months. An oral electrolyte solution designed for infants, such as Pedialyte, also can be given. For children older than 12 months, try water, diluted juice, and milk.

Soothing a Stuffy Nose

Saline to the rescue! Boogie Mist is a non-medicated sterile saline mist that works quickly inside the nasal cavity to ease congestion caused by boogers that won’t budge. It also clears airways, reduces coughing and is pediatrician recommended.

Not sure how to get your kids to use the mist? That’s what makes Boogie Mist so magical. The schnozzle (the part that goes in the nose) is scented – and kids actually WANT to use it. (Click here to learn how to help your kids start a saline nose spray routine.)

Looking for a great saline spray or saline mist for kids? Learn all about Boogie Mist and how it helps coughs, colds, stuffy noses and allergies.

Don’t forget the humidifier. A cool-mist humidifier or vaporizer in a child’s room can add moisture to the air, helping ease breathing through dry, congested nasal passages.

Soothing a Runny, Crusty Nose

Saline to the Rescue: Again.The saline in Boogie Wipes helps remove dried mucus, while the Aloe, Vitamin E and Chamomile leave skin feeling soft.

Tissue, paper towels, or even your sleeve are savage on a little one’s skin – especially when you’re wiping 20, 30, or even 40 times per day.

Unlike other wipes, Boogie Wipes have no harsh or drying chemicals. The natural saline dissolves mucus without irritation – thanks to Vitamin E, Aloe and Chamomile. And be sure to read this great article on how to TEACH your kids to blow their nose.

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Tips and Tricks for Sick Kids