Springbox is a free product sampling program from the makers of Boogie Wipes and Kandoo! Designed especially for Preschools and Daycare Centers, Springbox brings fresh ideas for better care to your facility.  Available in the US only.

Throughout the year, your center may receive special offers and/or a wonderful box full of products, samples and coupons from Boogie Wipes, Kandoo and other great brands. Use them in your facility and share them with your center’s families.

We are currently accepting new registrations for Preschools and Daycare Centers with an annual enrollment of 25 or more total children.  If your center meets the enrollment requirement, we’d love to include you in our program!  Please click on the JOIN NOW button below to sign up, and we will let you know as soon as you are approved! Springbox is only open to programs with a valid state child care license number and/or registration number, in the United States.  If you are exempt from licensure, please email Springbox@nehemiahmfg.com and let us know why.

The Springbox Preschool and Daycare Sampling Program is a free program for valid child care providers.  We reserve the right to validate any and all information you provide, prior to approval in the program.  This may include contacting state child care agencies and providing them with your preschool/daycare information.If you are a parent and wish to sign up your child’s preschool or daycare, please provide our website link to your child’s school director.  We do require all Springbox accounts be held by owners/directors of the preschools and daycare centers who wish to be part of this program.

Boogie on,
Team Boogie

"I love the samples of the Boogie Wipes....it makes it so much easier to get the kid's clean with
allergy season going on."