This month, Take The Pledge for a chance to win a Save the Sleeve kit! We will select 100 winners at random. Be sure to tell your friends!

Ready to take The Pledge?

Always Carry your Boogie Wipes.

When we have a drippy or stuffy nose, it's always best to blow. Boogie Wipes can go anywhere! Put them in your pocket, backpack, and lunch box, so you always have one ready!

Do you promise to carry your Boogie Wipes everywhere?

Wash your hands or use sanitizer.

Using sanitizer or washing our hands with soap kills germs we can't see.

Do you pledge to always keep your hands clean and away from your face?

Don't be a Nose Picker!

When you pick your nose or wipe your nose on your hands, your germs are free to go wherever they like. Even on your friends, parents, and teachers, yuck!

Do you promise to always put them in a Boogie Wipe and throw them in the garbage?

Save the Sleeve for emergency sneezes.

When your nose is running, it's easiest to wipe it on your sleeve, but then your boogies and germs are out for all your friends to see. They travel at warp speed to make everyone around you sick, so save your sleeve for emergencies, when sneezes come on quick.

Do you promise to save your sleeve for emergencies?

Congrats! You're a
Super Sleeve Saver!

You've completed the mission and Saved the Sleeve. Great job! We will enter your name to possibly win a Save the Sleeve Kit, but we will need to know where to send it, so please fill out the form below and make it official. Check your email the first week of the next month to see if you've won!


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Thank you for taking the pledge. Don't forget to check your email at the beginning of next month to see if you've won a Save the Sleeve Kit!

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