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4th of July Desserts

Whether you’re heading to a patriotic party or celebrating at home – you won’t want to miss these patriotic 4th of July desserts. With no bake and healthy ideas, these 10 easy recipes are great for kids and adults.

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10 Patriotic 4th of July Desserts

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Watermelon Pop Stars | Spoonful

Red, White & Blue Berries & Cheese Tray | The Better Mom

4th of July Fruit Pizza | The Taylor House

Fruit Sparklers | the NY Melrose Family

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Chocolate Dipped Banana Split – i heart naptime

Patriotic Hand Pies | At the Picket Fence

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Strawberry, Blueberry mini Cheesecake Trifle | Glorious Treats

Rice Krispy Pops | Lemon Peony

4th of July Sugar Cookie Bars | Kids Activities Blog

Berry Kabobs | Family Circle

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