Is it Allergies or a Cold?

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell!

Seasonal allergies and the common cold share a variety of symptoms: sneezing, headache, congestion, fatigue... which makes it very difficult to tell one from the other. Below are a few general guidelines you can use to help tell the difference:

How long have you been sick?

Colds usually run their course within 7 – 10 days while seasonal allergies last as long as your child is exposed to the allergen. This could last for an entire season, or until the flowers making them sneeze have been removed from the house.

Do you have a fever?

Fevers are more commonly associated with a cold, rather than allergies.

Is it wintertime?

Colds usually happen in the winter months, while seasonal allergies can start in the spring and last through the fall.

Is it getting worse?

Cold symptoms tend to be progressive (starts with runny nose, then a fever), whereas allergy symptoms can happen all at once.

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