Tips for minor or moderate seasonal allergy relief

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There are a variety of ways to tame minor or moderate allergies. To start, you'll need to understand why allergies exist in the first place, and then consider general tips and tricks for combatting seasonal allergies.

What are Allergies and Seasonal Allergies?

According to allergy experts, allergic reactions develop within our immune system  -  when our body mistakes harmless substances (“allergens”) as invaders that need to be fought.

Seasonal allergies are typically caused by lightweight allergens that can float in the air ("aeroallergens"), which are emitted by trees and plants during allergy season.

Tips and Tricks for Combatting Seasonal Allergies

Stay Clean!

Because Seasonal Allergies are typically caused by allergens floating in the air, it's important to try to avoid these airborne irritants as much as possible. Washing clothes, sheets and toys in a hot water cycle weekly, washing kids’ (or any pets’) bodies after being outside, regular vacuuming and household cleaning are great first steps in removing these allergens.

Kandoo family of products

We know how difficult it can be to encourage personal hygiene among children, but these products should help! They're specially formulated for kids with fun scents, colors and bottle shapes to encourage independent cleaning.

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Talk to Your Child’s Doctor

If you’re still experiencing allergy symptoms after a thorough cleaning and using a saline product, it’s best to reach out to your Pediatrician for more advice and tips. They may suggest an over-the-counter medication that relieves irritation, or a few natural remedies that could help.

Use Saline Wipes & Rinses

Saline, a mineral naturally occurring in the earth and body, is a tried and true way of combatting allergies. Saline excels at breaking up and thinning mucus, when used in the right concentration. Doctors regularly recommend the use of saline (via nasal drops for infants and mists or sprays for young children, teens and adults) when there is a need to clean, clear and moisturize the nasal cavity.

Allergists suggest using a saline routine at least once a day during allergy season to keep nasal cavities clean, clear and comfortable. The Boogie Wipes® brand has you covered with great, kid-friendly saline products to get you through the season. Just use Boogie Mist® saline nose mist or Boogie Drops® saline nose drops, followed by Boogie Wipes® saline nose wipes.

Learn more about saline and its effectiveness on our “Why Saline Page”.

Start a Saline Routine for Allergy Season

Boogie Allergy Saline Products

Boogie Mist® saline nose mist (for kids) and Boogie Drops® saline nose drops (for newborns) are made especially for children.

  • Boogie Mist® saline nose mist is an awesome product for kids aged 2+ who are reluctant to spray anything up their noses! Its nozzle is scented, which makes misting much more fun, and it is a fast-working, non-medicated natural saline rinse that works quickly inside the nasal cavity to ease congestion and irritation.
  • Boogie Drops® saline nose drops has the same fast-working, non-medicated natural saline formula, but in a more gentle drop format for newborns. It has a specially designed tip for controlled dropping and the dropper is extra small for small noses. Available in a twin pack for more value and convenience.

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Boogie Wipes® saline nose wipes can also be used to keep the nose clean, comfortable and soothed, while breaking down mucus during allergy season.

boogie saline wipes family of products

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