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Boogie Wipes® saline nose wipes samples

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Love the sample box miss it so much !’n

Loved the sample box and I see you are no longer sending please bring back was such a good tool I used in teaching my parents and children about noses and colds ect. And many had never used till I gave them a sample and they went and bought for there children. Please consider doing again. This one teacher is missing !!! Thanks Deborah

I received more than one and loved it. I think you should start it back up again even for a few bucks I bet a lot of preschoolers and daycare providers would gladly join for a subscription box!!! I know I would!!
Love the samples when we do receive the items

I signed up in may 2018 and never recieved the box this past springbox. It use to be so easy to sign up and then 4-6 weeks we would recive our box of goodies!!
Thank you

Thank you so much for sending this sample to me. I love these so much and my son and daughters too. My son is 3 years old with his twin, one of the girls. And then my youngest daughter is 1 years old. These wipes help so much. Their not rough at all. I love that they don't hurt my babies nose when we use them. Thank you so much and i will definitely be buying lots of these, ill spread the word!! thank you so much.
Where to sign up

I tried to sign up and it say it close and will start up in May 1 2017 but we are on May 4 2017. I there exactly when it's going to start up again
Boogie Wipes Preschool Sampling Program

I tried to sign up and it say it close and will start up in May 1 2017 but we are on May 4 2017. I there exactly when it's going to start up again.
Haven't been receiving

Joined about 2 years ago and only received one box so far. Love the products though.

I really enjoyed the samples of Dreft this time! I have to wash and sanitize our bedding at least weekly and the scent booster keeps it smelling fresh throughout the week. These samples are very much appreciated by my clients. And BoogieWipes are a must in Oklahoma! Our tiny noses thank you!
Where to sign up

I tried to sign up and it say it close and will start up in May 1 2017 but we are on May 4 2017. I there exactly when it's going to start up again.
Spring Box

I register every time and never receive a box. What am I doing wrong? I see messages from all the Daycare Providers on line they received their boxes and I never get a box.
cant write a review...

I have signed up several times and still no sample box.
Love free things for my child care!

I love when I receive my Springbox. The Boogie wipes are the best thing ever. No more scrubbing with a warm wash rag to get those dried on boogies off the face. Thank you so much for offering child cares these boxes.

Thank you the samples and coupons. Our families were very grateful and they anticipate to use their coupons soon. We are big supporters & users of Boogie Wipes and Kandoo flushable in our center.
Home daycare

I signed up long ago and haven't received anything or an email. Dissapointed for this year. I did receive one last year.
Love that I can pass on savings and products to my families

I'm a big saver and a big one too tell about products I love. I tell my parents all the time to sample something this gives them a chance to sample and a coupon for when they are ready to purchase on their own. Thanks for the opportunity to pass it on
From a parent & daycare provider

Hi I love these boogie wipes and would love a sample box for my daycare. I have a lot of first time parents that would really appreciate it.

I just want to let you know own how awesome your products are. Ever since I got my first box and share with my patents they started to use the products. Thanks for great products and coupons
Awesome program

Thank you so much for this program,, we set these on our counter and they come in so handy for parents.. thank you again
like to receive Boogie Wipes

I have signed up several times but never received anything I am a licensed daycare provider the state Maryland
Daycare owner

I would love to try them in my daycare
Great products!

I just received my fall shipment from you. Once again, I'm blown away by your generosity and products. I use them everyday, as well as the parents. Great promotion for daycares!

These wipes are amazing! My little kiddos don't fight or scream when it's time to wipe their little noses.
Thank you.

Not only do we love the boogie wipes and samples you sent us but our parents also get to be a part of it with the coupons. With winter months coming I can not Thank you enough. Much love from Texas
Boogie Wipes Rock!!!

As a childcare provider not only do I enjoy using the packs of wipes within my facility, but my families are hooked as well! What a wonderful product for little sensitive noses.
what sampling?

I signed up in March of last year. I received 2 emails confirming a shipment window. Those windows have since past and I have not received a response back or a shipment.
Boogie wipes

I would love to write a review for these. I have signed up for these samples for the last 2 years and have never gotten any.

Love Boogie Wipes!

I received samples of boogie wipes at my daycare and they were well received. We went out and bought a case for the constant runny nose issues here.
boogies no more!

These were a blessing to our preschool program. now I have my rainbow and the Boogie wipes and Rainbow works wonderful together to rid the boogies and germs...
owner & operator

I love receiving your products at my daycare ( Tammy's Daycare) It helps with the cold seasons! Thank you so much!!!! We use them in the daycare and I also share the individual packets & coupons with the parents of my daycare and they also love receiving your products.