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If Your Child Has a Fever, Read THIS Before Sending Them Back to School

All parents have been there at one time or another. Your child feels great all day, only to spike a fever overnight, waking up feeling great and ready to conquer the day. You send them to school (maybe with a little medicine beforehand), only to have this same scenario repeat itself again and again and again.

Or your child is sick with a fever, but it breaks in the early afternoon, and they feel great. You have several work meetings the next day and are eager to get your child back to school. Their fever is gone, they feel great, so you send them on their way.

Unfortunately, there are valid reasons to keep your child home from school for a full 24 hours after their fever breaks.

Dr. Katie (of Forever Freckled) is a pediatrician, mom, and blogger. In a recent Facebook Live event, she explained why it’s so important to stay true to this 24-hour rule (yes, even if your child feels great).

  1. You don’t want to get other kids sick, and your child can still be contagious within 24 hours of a fever. While we all know this is best practice, it’s not always enough motivation to keep kids home from school – especially if they feel great or if we need to get back to work. It’s important to keep this 24-hour rule in mind.
  2. Your child is more likely to catch something else. Within 24 hours of a fever, your child’s immune system is weakened, and they are much more likely to catch something else. This is why it can seem like your child is better for a couple of days, only to be sick again. They’ve caught something else. It’s also why sometimes your child’s symptoms can go from a sore throat to vomiting within a few days. They’ve caught something else.
  3. Rest and recovery is crucial to feeling better. Even if they are feeling great, extra rest and recovery is critical in helping your child fully get over an illness. You don’t want them to come down with something else or relapse with what they already have.

Even if your child is feeling better, be sure to keep them home from school for 24 hours after a fever. Not only will it help keep those germs from spreading to other kids, but it can help keep your child safe from germs as well. As usual, if you have any doubts or questions, be sure to call your pediatrician.

You can watch our full interview with Dr. Katie below, or click here to watch it on Facebook.

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A mom and pediatrician offers advice and tips for when to send your kids back to school after they've had a fever. While we all know that you should wait 24 hours, Dr. Katie explains WHY, and the reasoning may surprise you. Click here to read all of the details, and help to make sure your child doesn't keep getting sick. #kids #parenting #cough #cold #fever #sickkids #BoogieWipes