The Boogie® Brand Story

The Boogie® Brand: Invented by Moms

Have you ever thought to yourself, “There has to be a better way?” That’s precisely what two moms (our Boogie Moms®!) said back in 2007. They knew treating red, raw noses with dry tissues wasn’t cutting it. In a moment of mom genius, they moistened a tissue with saline drops, and wiped away the runny, gunky boogers while soothing the raw noses. And sparked the idea for Boogie Wipes® saline nose wipes! 

Developing more ingenious, soothing products

In 2012, the Boogie Wipes® brand joined Nehemiah Manufacturing, whose broader mission is to provide work opportunities to individuals who have barriers to employment. As one of Nehemiah’s handful of brands, the Boogie® brand family grew to include:

Boogie Baby Bundle

Expanding our solutions to help parents in their busy and messy daily lives

With so many parents expressing their thanks for simple solutions, we knew we needed to continue growing. eleeo brands was formed as a new parent company to the Boogie® brand in 2020. At eleeo brands, we are dedicated to offering unique wellness products that make the lives of busy parents simpler and easier.