Why Saline?

Saline dissolves snot and mucus!

Because saline is natural and hypoallergenic, it can soothe even the most delicate skin without irritation. Saline, or sodium chloride, is a natural mineral found both in the earth and in the body. It excels at breaking up and thinning mucus when used in the right concentration, called isotonic (0.9%) saline. Doctors regularly recommend saline for babies to clean and clear their delicate nasal cavities. 

When infused into a moist wipe like Boogie Wipes® saline nose wipes, isotonic saline makes mucus easier to wipe away while remaining gentle enough to comfort stuffy noses.   

Boogie Drops® saline nose drops (for 0-2 year-olds) is a gentle method to soothe small, stuffy nasal cavities  

Boogie Mist® saline nose mist (for 2+ year-olds) eases congestion and even helps clear up allergy symptoms

Trusted for centuries

From cleaning wounds to treating dehydration, exfoliating skin or opening nasal passages, saline for babies is a natural multitasker (just like our Boogie Moms!). Nasal irrigation goes back to ancient Hindu times. Today, you’ll find neti pots, saline sprays, nebulizers, or saline wipes to help clear out stuffy noses.  

The scoop on boogers

They’re crusty and gunky, and it makes kids want to pick them. In fact, one in five kids picks their nose at least 5 times a day.  

Saline is just one word you hear a lot around here.

We also talk about our products having naturally derived ingredients, among others. We know there can be some confusion when it comes to ingredients and natural products. That’s why we’ve created a glossary for you.