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How to Get Boogers Off The Wall

With three little kids – two of them boys – I have to admit that we have our fair share of booger walls in our house.

Yes. I said booger walls.

There’s the obvious location – right next to their beds, where they can pick their noses in peace after a long day of playing outside.

Then there’s in the bathroom, right near the toilet paper holder. Which seemed like a strange place to pick your nose until my son explained that it’s actually the perfect potty-time activity.

And then we have the stray booger that gets smeared on the wall here and there – as an absolute afterthought as they’re running through the house.

I used to be quite disgusted by our collection of wall boogers until my husband pointed out a very important fact…

at least they aren’t eating them.

That said, I still don’t appreciate finding them all over my walls.

In my first few attempts to get boogers off our walls, I resorted to a plastic spatula – which never worked well at all.

After some frustrating attempts with a razor blade, I actually scraped some paint off the walls along with the boogers.

I’ve tried sprays and erasers and nothing seemed to work very well. They’re sticky little suckers.

And then I thought… duh… Boogie Wipes® saline nose wipes.

If your kids are booger pickers (which they probably are- what kid doesn't pick their nose?!) and places said boogers on various walls around your house, you might be wondering how to remove those sticky suckers. Wonder no more, because we have the solution- and it's just as simple and quick as you'd hope!

How to Get Boogers Off The Wall

Grab your Boogie Wipes® saline nose wipes (click here for a coupon) and rub them directly on the boogers.

Ta daaaaa…

It should come as no surprise that the saline that dissolves the mucus and boogies in your nose, dissolves the mucus and boogies on your walls too.

How great is that?!?

Show Us Your Booger Wall!

Do you have a booger collection? We want to see it!

Post pictures of your booger wall on Instagram and tag us using the hashtags #boogerwall and #boogiewipes. Or upload them directly to our Facebook page.

And after you snap them – dissolve them with Boogie Wipes® saline nose wipes!