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Teaching Kids How to Wash Their Hands

When the cold or flu strikes, it can be a nuisance to the whole family, spreading from one family member to another until it has gone through the entire house. Nine times out of ten, it’s our kids who bring home those pesky germs and start the domino effect.

To keep germs from hitching a ride on your kids, we’re sharing simple ways to teach your kids healthy habits.

Teaching Kids How to Wash Their Hands

The very best way to keep germs away is to wash your hands. You can make this critical step a habit by creating a healthy and happy hand-washing routine at home.

Empower your kids with the knowledge that washing their hands on a frequent basis keeps germs away and helps your entire family stay healthy throughout the year.

Follow this fun activity to help them learn the importance of washing with soap.

1. Shake some glitter into your child’s hands, and ask them to imagine that the glitter is germs.

2. Have them wash their hands using just water. (Hint: the glitter will still be on their hands.)

3. Next, have them wash with soap. They’ll be able to see how soap helps to remove those pesky “germs” much better than just water.

And be sure to download our Healthy Habits guide for more fun activities to teach your child healthy habits.