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The Worst Thing About Back to School is Kids Getting Sick

The worst part of going back to school is not the seemingly endless purchasing of school supplies.

It’s not the overwhelming amount of school paperwork.

It’s not even the struggle of getting back on a regular schedule and routine.


The worst thing about back to school is kids getting sick!

Kids Getting Sick

Just when you think you’re finally getting the hang of a new school year, your child comes home with the sniffles or a sore throat that never fails to turn into a full-blown germ fest.

Boogie Wipes® is Here to Help!

We know how much it stinks when your child brings home the latest cold or flu, so we’re here to help with some healthy habits to help keep those germs away!

Unfortunately, you can’t put your kids in a bubble to prevent them from bringing home a cold or the flu. But, you can improve their overall hygiene with our fun and educational Healthy Habits Activity download.

Free Healthy Habits Download

Our FREE Healthy Habits for a Better Clean download was created with YOU in mind.

You’ll learn how to turn hand-washing, sneezing, and wiping into fun games that your kids will recall each time they sneeze, cough, blow their nose or use the bathroom.

Create a racetrack to teach your kids how to blow their nose the right way.

Use glitter to teach your kids how to wash their hands to get rid of germs.

Photo Credit: The Nerd's Wife via Kids Stuff world.
Photo Credit: The Nerd’s Wife via Kids Stuff world.

Use flour to illustrate why it’s so important to sneeze and cough into your elbow instead of your hands.

And use peanut butter to teach your kids how to wipe themselves (it’s not as gross as it sounds.)

teaching your child how to wipe with peanut butter

Grab Your Free Download

Check out the Healthy Habits for a Better Clean free downloadable for tips, tricks and fun activities to help empower your child to be independently and confidently clean!


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