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Cold and Flu Season: Myth or Must Have?

The internet and social media is full of advice on how to stay healthy and fight illness fast during cold and flu season. But how do we know what is true and what is just a social media myth?

We partnered with the team at Forever Freckled, including pediatrician and mom, Dr. Katie to help us determine the difference between cold and flu season myths and must-haves.

Myth or Must Have #1: Elderberry

In case you haven’t heard of Elderberry, it’s a natural supplement that is said to boost your immune system and help you stay healthy all season long.

The verdict? Must Have!

Dr. Katie says that using Elderberry as a daily supplement will help boost your entire family’s immune system. Be sure to check with your family doctor before taking.

Myth or Must Have #2: Grape Juice

Several social media posts go viral at this time of year suggesting that drinking grape juice will prevent you from catching the stomach bug.

The verdict? Myth!

Dr. Katie says that there’s no research backing this claim. Of course, feel free to drink grape juice if you enjoy it, just don’t count on it to prevent illness.

Myth or Must Have #3: Salt Water

From gargling salt water to help ease sore throat symptoms to rinsing with a saline nose spray, salt water (or saline) can help break down mucous in nasal passages and even help with night time cough.

The verdict? Must Have!

Dr. Katie recommends using Boogie Mist® Saline Nose Mist for older kids and adults or Boogie Drops® Saline Nose Drops for infants to keep nasal passages moist and mucous free. Click here to learn more about how to develop a saline nose routine with your kids.

Myth or Must Have #4: Honey

You’ve probably heard that honey can be used to treat cough, but is this fact or fiction?

The verdict? Must Have!

Dr. Katie says that honey can help to coat your throat and prevent cough. You can mix it in hot water, tea or offer a spoonful. Be sure to check with your pediatrician before giving honey to kids under the age of 2.

Myth or Must Have #5: Pineapple

Many people believe that pineapple can help easy symptoms of congestion.

The verdict? Maybe!

Dr. Katie says that pineapple is a great source of Vitamin C and contains an enzyme that is thought to break down congestion and help with inflammation. While the evidence isn’t conclusive, it certainly doesn’t hurt to incorporate a little pineapple into your diet.

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